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Doctoral School

Doctoral School: "Sciences, Engineering and Society"

Code : ED08ENIG01

Created by the University of Gabès in partnership with the University of Gafsa and the Institute of Arid Regions Date of official creation: February 2009 (MESRST decree of 25 February 2009) Hosted at: National Engineering School of Gabes

  • Director of the Doctoral School: Pr Nacer Abdelkarim
  • Staff: Administrative Assistant, Ms Ines AMORRI
  • Local: Independent space at ENIG (2 Offices, 2 training rooms, A seminar room)
  • Tel : +216 75 392 194 / fax : +216 75 392 190


Engineering and Technological Sciences, Exact and Natural Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences


All Research Teams and Doctoral Training (Laboratories and Research Units) in the South – East region.

Institution Manager:

National Engineering School of Gabès

Institutions developing a research activity:


Faculty of Sciences of Gabés, Faculty of Science of Gafsa

Higher Institute of Managementn

Arts and Crafts

Computer and Multimedia

Institute of Water Sciences and Techniques




Institute of Arid Regions (principal vocation)


Research laboratories:

02 RL in Material Physics, FSG

02 RL in STI, ENIG

05 RL in Agro Ecology and Socio-Economic Science, IRA

Research units:

07 in GCH and GEA at ENIG

02 in Arts & Métiers, ISAM

01 in Gestion, ISG

01 in Hydrogéologie, ISSTEG

07 in Sc. Fond, FSG, FSGafsa


02 ENIG (03 heavy analysis equipment)

01 FSG (thin layer development)

01 ISSTEG (water analysis)

Diploma courses:

02 Academic habilitation (ENIG)

07 accredited doctorates (02 ENIG, 04 FS Gabès, 01ISSTEG)

10 accredited research masters

Objectives : 

* Coordination between the research and training structures of the University of Gabès and its partners

* Improving and consolidating the effectiveness of training through research and preparing young researchers for their professional future

*Extend and maintain openness to the socio-economic environment

* Develop inter-university multidisciplinary research actions and support international cooperation.


UP DATE LE 15-06-2017