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Research at the University of Gabés

  • With its young teams, the University of Gabès aims to develop its research potential for the training of future university researchers and for the socio-economic development of the region and the country. In 2003, when the University of Gabès was established around old and new university institutions__some of which had started since 1975__the university had only six research facilities. The University of Gabès now has four research laboratories (LR) and eighteen research units (RU) as well as four Joint Research Services Units (USCR)  
  Research Structures:  
  • These research structures bring together 352 permanent researchers (2017) and provide research training by hosting 500 PhD students (2017) and no less than 240 RMs each year. Each research structure is integrated into an institution and operates under the responsibility of a leader (A College Research Professor). All structures benefit from research support managed by the Directorate-General for Scientific Research. The LR/UR develop national and international research projects in partnership with similar academic structures and with socio-economic companies and organizations. The LR/UR of the University of Gabès are active in various disciplinary fields :

    Technical Sciences Engineering:  

    • 01 LR in Chemical Engineering
    • 03 UR in Chemical Engineering
    • 01 LR in Automatic Electrical Engineering
    • 03 UR in Automatic Electrical Engineering
    • 1 UR in Computer Engineering
    • 1 UR in Mechanical Engineering
    • 1 UR in Hydrology

    Natural Sciences:

    • 01 LR in Physical Sciences
    • 6 UR (Mathematics, Computer and Information Science, Chemical Sciences, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Biological Sciences)

    Social Sciences:

    • 01 UR Economy and Business Administration

    Social Sciences and Humanities:

    • 02 UR Arts (arts, history of art, performing arts, music)
  • Common Research Service Units:
    • USCRs are devices that integrate heavy scientific equipment, acquired through funding from the Ministry of Supervision their operation is supported by additional credits allocated by the DGRS. They are specialized units of physical, chemical and biological measurements, treatments and analyses. Each unit is integrated in a SR and under the responsibility of the teacher-researcher who was behind the proposal approved by the Ministry after consultation and advice from universities.