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Vision, Mission & Values

Make the University of Gabès a center of innovation and creativity in the field of education, scientific research, institutional organization and community participation, a privileged choice for students and researchers, a tributary of sustainable economic and social development, and listed in the prestigious international rankings.

 Article 12 of Law No. 2008-19 of February 25, 2008 relating to higher education
The universities have the mission :
  • bouton2.jpgto meet the needs of the country as regards formation, to produce and spread the knowledge and to develop the aptitudes in different fields;
  • bouton2.jpgto develop knowledge, to master the technology and to promote it by the research and to encourage the innovation, individual and collective creation in the different fields of knowledge;
  • bouton2.jpgto ensure scientific, educational and administrative coordination between the establishments which are related to;
  • bouton2.jpgto take part in the actions of development of the country, to support the different sectors of national activity and to prepare the students to the creation of projects and economic companies;
  • bouton2.jpgto encourage the cultural, sport and social activities;
  • bouton2.jpgto establish ties of partnership and cooperation with the similar organizations in the world in order to found Co-diplomas, to direct in Co-supervision of the research works leading to university diplomas, to exchange experts and expertise and to carry out common research in connection with the development priorities.

The University of Gabès is committed to fundamental values in line with its mission and vision:
  • bouton2.jpgQuality : The University of Gabès offers a training and research environment of the highest levels of excellence and quality which stimulates the development of new methods of knowledge production and its dissemination and encourages the valorization of research and its orientation to the service of sustainable development and its economic, social and environmental challenges.
  • bouton2.jpgCreativity : The University of Gabès adopts creativity, innovation and dynamism in carrying out each of its missions in order to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow in a changing world permanently and rapidly.
  • bouton2.jpgOpenness : The University of Gabès develops its openness to its economic and social environment in order to adapt its training and research systems to the needs of the job market, the requirements of the development and the priorities of the society.
  • bouton2.jpgGovernance : The University of Gabès consolidates the principles of governance represented by participation, transparency, responsibility, accountability and justice with the highest ethical standards.
  • bouton2.jpgAcademic freedom : The University of Gabès supports the culture of respect for human values in the field of freedoms, living together and cultural and social diversity.
  • bouton2.jpgSocial responsibility : The University of Gabès reinforces its social and humanitarian responsibilities by detecting the concerns and needs of society and actively contributing to the resolution of its problems and the realization of its aspirations.