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Multilateral Coopeartion

Multilateral Coopeartion


-          Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF)

-          TEMPUS: Developing Employability in Engineering sectors [DEFI Averroes]

-          TEMPUS: Quality Assurance & certification procedures in the Higher Education System of Tunisia

-          TEMPUS: "Building the Climate Change Adaptation Capacity in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia "CLIMADAPT

-          TEMPUS: Euro-Mediterranean MILL Integration Through Lifelong Learning

-          TEMPUS: Development Partnerships of Universities and companies in the Field of Living Sciences and Technologies in Tunisia

-          TEMPUS : « ISLAH » : Instrument at Support of Labor Market and Higher Education

-          TEMPUS: Implementing the lifelong learning concept in SNA: Responding to the Changing Needs of Dynamic economies  LOGIC

-          TEMPUS: The Innovation in Training for Cultural Heritage: a new Euro-Mediterranean curriculum for the preservation of cultural property, INFOBC

-          TEMPUS: European Competence for the Averroes Network  and, COMPERE Averroes Projects

-          TEMPUS: Structural Development and Institutionalization for Pre-Professional-Teacher Training in Tunisia TETRA

-          Erasmus Mundus: The EU-Mare Nostrum project

-          Erasmus Mundus Project "ALYSSA"

-          Erasmus Mundus: Open Government data in Tunisia for service of innovation and transparency

-          Erasmus Mundus: University Network for Business and Administration, UNetBA

-          DAAD German: Development and Test Run for Master's German Studies Program