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Engineering sciences and techniques

Electrical Engineering

National Engineering School of Gabès

Chemical-Process Engineering

Fundamental Sciences


Faculty of Sciences of Gabès




Geological and water sciences

Higher Institute of Water Science and Technology of Gabes


Duration of doctoral studies:


The doctorate is a national diploma which is the uppermost in higher education; it consists in completing a course of training and research lasting three years after the master’s degree or another diploma.

General Entry Requirements for First Year Registration:


Candidates holding the following are allowed to register for the doctorate degree:


National Research Master's degree (LMD) / National Master's degree / Aggregation / National Engineer's degree / National Architect's degree / National Doctor’s Degree in Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, in pharmacy/ or Foreign Diplomas recognized as equivalent.

Applications for a first doctoral registration are examined with a view to verifying students' competence to continue the research, according to general criteria prefixed by ministerial decree and specific criteria set by each doctoral committee..

Shortlisting aims at selecting excellent candidates who can conduct research on an original topic with a view to acquiring high levels of scientific and professional competence.

Each candidate deemed eligible for PhD registration must obtain the prior approval of a teacher or two teachers (co-supervisor or joint supervision /Co-tutelage) for their thesis topic qualified to direct doctoral theses in the specialty concerned. Any thesis topic must be validated by the doctoral committee concerned..

(Reference: Decree 2013-47 of 04/01/2013, Decree of 22 April 2013 of the MESRS)

 Calls for applications for first-year doctoral enrollment with the specific eligibility conditions, as well as the contents of the files, are regularly posted on the sites of the institutions concerned from June of each year (cf. website: : ENIGFSG, ISSTEG).).

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